Saturday, 24 August 2013

NEXT POST COMING SOON....'Which University to Choose'

Unsure of which university to go for? Come back in a couple days time to figure out what is the best way to tackle this situation!


WELCOME to my new blog!

The intention of this blog is to provide information, guidance and tips for candidates who are applying to University for Medicine. However, I do intend to post advice and tips for applications to University on the whole.

Having just been through the application process myself, I hope to inspire and generate ideas for applicants with the knolwedge I have gained and with the experience I have had through the year. I initally had little knowledge about applying to University, let alone to medical school, however I feel that I have gained a lot through the year thanks to the many the talks and meetings which were held at my school which aided me through my application. I hope that I am able to give guidance to those who have little or even no knowledge about how to tackle their application for University, which can be a partically stressful and even daunting time for many. But rest assured as Chariend (me) is 'Here To Help!'

I will cover areas such as the personal statement, interviews, BMAT and UKCAT tests, the different types of Medical schools and more, as well as giving my own opinions and comments. I will also adivce you on the things which I would have done which may have made me a stronger medical condidate than a had been when I previoulsy applied.

If there is anything you would personally like me to post about (regarding medical applications or university applications in general) then please comment on any post, starting with 'askchariend', and I'll be sure to get back to you within a couple days.

Taking my advice is totally voluntary and I am not guaranteeing successful applications into your desired University. This is simply just to tackle vital information thatI feel one must know tohelp with application preparation.

Thank-you for reading!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Quick Notice:: Updates soon to come!

Hi there, its Chariend here.

This is just a quick post for any visitors viewing this blog now, which is in its early development stages. This blog will be developed with posts to follow, so sit tight and ensure to visit back in a few days to officially see the site up and running. But for now, if you like the general concept of the blog so far (which the top description and the 'about me' column highlight), please start suggesting to family and friends to have a look soon.

Thank-you for stopping by! :)